Tips for Today: Give Back During the Holidays

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By now, your holiday promotions and events are well under way (if not coming to a close). So, as you make notes for next year (what worked, what didn’t, etc.), why not make a line item for incorporating giving back into your holiday marketing plan? This way, you can ensure that those in need have a good holiday season as well.

While donating money, time, services or goods to an organization or charity in need can make you feel good, it can have many other positive effects on your business! It will help you be perceived as a giving and integral part of your community; your customers will be happier to support your business (knowing you give back), and your employees will be happier knowing they are doing more with their job than just earning a paycheck (by supporting your organization of choice).

Here are a few ways your small business can get involved in giving back:

  • Host a charitable drive: coats, toys, books, baby goods, pet supplies, etc. For any charity you want to support, there is likely a tangible “gift” they would like to receive.
  • Donate your net proceeds to a charity of your choice. You could donate a day’s proceeds, a week’s proceeds, or even the proceeds from a couple of hours!
  • Offer to match any customer or employee cash donations.
  • Host a special event and raffle off donated prizes to raise money for those in need.
  • Spend time physically giving back – volunteer at a soup kitchen, animal hospital, or day care center.

But, before you start collecting spare change for a donation, ask yourself: do you have the time, energy and manpower to take on supporting a charity during the already busy holiday season? If so, great! Check out these helpful articles on different ways to give back:

It’s also important to keep in mind that the holiday season is “the season” for giving back, and while we’re sure every little bit helps, your fundraising campaign or toy drive may be perceived as “one of many” in your community. However, this is also the season that many families in need feel the weight of their situation, especially if they have young children. So, the bottom line is that there is no “wrong” time to give back to those in need! You just need to make sure that there are organizations in your community that are important to you that need help in a way that you can provide it. For example, some charities or organizations may prefer a cash donation, while others may need more volunteers to help their holiday season be successful.

Make sure to get your customers involved and make it easy for them to participate.

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