Find Competition In Your Area

Use this Google-driven trade area tool to find businesses surrounding your location.

  • Enter your store/business location below.
  • Click on the business type you want to find in your area.
  • Zoom in to see more detail, zoom out for a broader view.
  • Works everywhere in the world restaurants and retailers have been categorized

Also check-out the community version: Community Connection Finder to find community services, charities, and parks.

Powered by Google.

Need More?

If you’re finding the Trade Area Mapping Tool, but need more detailed help, we suggest the following courses!

Step-by-Step Plan:
Killer Marketing
& Sales Strategy


Everything you need to build a marketing take-action plan for your location. One of our most robust courses.

Explore Your
Business Neighborhood
to Find Great Ideas


Excellent guide to checking out the direct and indirect competition in your area. Even better with a team.