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I love local store marketing!

I’ve spent the past 24 years building marketing, branding, and customer-experience strategy for The Disney Company, the Aramark Corporation, and Starbucks Coffee Company. In 2005 I founded Idea Sandbox – my remarkable marketing firm – to dedicate myself full time to helping brands stand out from their competition.

I’m a master at local store marketing, restaurant marketing, and developing marketing for experience-based brands. Companies that want to go beyond simply delivering “service” so that their customers have a unique experience.


Marketing is all about being local and remarkable, in ways big and small. It’s both simple and difficult… knowing who you are as a company and a brand, while being locally relevant and connecting with your customers and community. Working with experience-based global brands AND small local companies, I’ve found that to be the secret of success.

For the past 20 years, I’ve been creating meaningful and engaging branding and marketing strategies and programs for companies including Starbucks, Seattle’s Best Coffee and Discovery Channel Retail. My 12 years with Starbucks included leading regional marketing for the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States; leading field marketing for Seattle’s Best Coffee; and leading marketing and product teams across 27 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. In addition, I’ve worked in travel marketing, and events and public relations for small to mid-size local businesses.

I’m excited to share all of my experience with you via the LSM Guide to help you grow your business!


I’m a retail marketing strategist.

In past lives, I’ve been a marketing manager with Starbucks Coffee and a director of national marketing with Whole Foods Market. In my current life, I share marketing advice with businesses aspiring to earn unwavering devotion from customers and employees. I have written three business books: The Passion Conversation, understanding, sparking, and sustaining word of mouth marketing, Tribal Knowledge, a business management book, and Tough Love, a business book masquerading as a screenplay.

My Brand Autopsy blog has been sharing hot marketing opinions since long before social media became cool. I’ve been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Advertising Age, New York Times, Time, and Entrepreneur.


I spent five years immersed in the world of Ralph Lauren. I worked with the creative teams to open concept stores across the East coast, supported management teams in orchestrating sales-driving consumer and holiday promotions and implemented in-store merchandising and creative presentations.

As the sales assistant to the top seller in the company, I learned that when serving customers, “Yes” is the answer, and “What?” is the question. Together, we increased already thriving person to person sales by 28%, from $3.5 million to $4.5 million a year.

I’m a marketing manager with over six years of client and project management experience. By focusing on client services, including day-to-day account management, timeline tracking, and quality assurance, I’ll make sure you get what you need, when you need it.


I began my career in retail with a passion for fashion.

Early on I embraced the art of being a merchant, and used my skills and talent to develop sales teams that were exceptionally knowledgeable about their clients preferences and dedicated to their satisfaction. During this fashion phase, I also honed my training skills, contributing to the East Coast expansion of a clothing retailer that went from 50 to 150 units in just a few quick years.

Seeing the measurable results of a commitment to training combined with focus on the customer experience, proved a guideline for my career. And while I have maintained a love of all things retail, my career path lead me to focus on a variety of innovative and fast growing brands like Starbucks Coffee, bluemercury, inc. and the rebranding of established leaders such as Riggs Bank, N.A. and Sylvan Learning Centers.

Over a nearly ten year period, I led the growth of Starbucks in the Mid-Atlantic, joining the team when there were less than 300 stores nationally. As the company grew and evolved the Mid-Atlantic Region – due to its strong financial results and customer loyalty – became known for its ability to pilot new programs and be the test site for innovation.

Whether my company was engaged in consumer goods or services, my focus and top priority has always been to deliver an exceptional customer experience by developing an engaged and winning team.

Now, I bring my passion and expertise to the LSMGuide and to you, our subscribers.