The current collection of templates found across the LSMGuide site. Clicking on the link button will automatically download the template. Click the link within the description to view the article/information about the template and how to use it.

These are categorized by:

  • Location, Sales & Trade Area Templates,
  • Marketing Plan Tools,
  • Promotion-Building Tools,
  • Community-Related Templates,
  • Local Media Tools, and
  • Other Helpful Templates.

Check back often, this library is updated regularly. Don’t see a template you wish we had, Contact Us and let us know!

Location, Sales & Trade Area Templates

Location & Sales Assessment, part 1

An Excel spreadsheet used to document your sales, transaction, and average ticket information. Allows you to understand how your location is performing. Read about this template in the Step-By-Step Guide Location & Sales Assessment section.

Location & Sales Assessment, part 2

A Word document that compliments the Excel spreadsheet (part 1) used to document your sales, transaction, and average ticket information. Allows you to understand how your location is performing. Read about this template in the Step-By-Step Guide Location & Sales Assessment section.

Trade Area Assessment

The Trade Area Assessment helps you identify traffic drivers, businesses, and competition within the trade area around your location. Read the Know Your Trade Area section of the Step-By-Step Guide for more details.

Store Tour Guide (Example)

A great way to gauge how well your location is doing compared to your competition… is to visit the competition. This Store Tour guide provides examples and details how to visit neighboring businesses to look for service, product, ambiance, and all the other elements customers experience.

This tool is part of the Store Tour Guide. This PDF shows you an example of a completely put together tour.

Marketing Plan Tools

Putting It All Together

The Putting It All Together Document allows you to use the knowledge you gained conducting your Location & Sales Assessment, Trade Assessment, and Community Assessment and help you determine which strategies and marketing activities you should include in your Marketing Plan. Read about this template in the Putting It All Together section of the Step-By-Step Guide.

Marketing Plan Template

The document serves as the keeper of your marketing plan information – your goals, strategies, and marketing activities. More information can be found in the Writing Your Plan section of the Step-By-Step Guide.

Project Plan Template

This template allows you to create action steps around your selected marketing activities. The main download page for this template is the Creating Project Plans article in the Step-By-Step guide.

Annual Planning Calendar

This is one of the most-important tools on the entire site! This calendar, built in Excel, is set up for you to map your marketing and communication activities ranging from high-level strategy through planning your tweets. Great tool for building a Communications Plan.

Modify to make simpler or more elaborate based on your needs. Email us if you have any questions.

Promotion-Building Tools

Promo Planner Guide Template

Fully editable Word document with all the sections of content you need to provide a tool for your employees to set-up and launch your in-store promotion. Includes suggested tips for filling out the document.

Community-Related Tools

Community Assessment

Allows you to identify and document local charity and non-profit organizations in your area as well as gather facts for future give-back opportunities. Additional information about this tool may be found on the Community Assessment section within the Step-By-Step guide.

Community Event Schedule

A great tool for writing down dates and information on local events happening in your area. Use this to track things like town parades, tree lightings, festivals, etc. The Community Assessment section within the Step-By-Step guide has more information.

Community Board Guidelines

If you’re going to have a Community Board in your location – to post information about your volunteer and charity-related activity in the neighborhood – this serves as a great guide of how to and how not to use and maintain the board. You can read more in the Community Board activity.

Local Media Tools

Press Release Template

To assist you in preparing all the relevant information to share with the media. Great for both print publications and for online sites as well.

Calendar Listing Template

Use this to submit an item for a community calendar. Publications online and offline will appreciate having all the facts about your upcoming event in this format. We recommend sending these for any event you are hosting from grand opening event, clean-up events, and in-store events.