Good LSM: Graduation Catering

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Does your café or restaurant offer catering services? If so, you may be gearing up to cater your customers’ summer celebrations: graduations, Father’s Day, outdoor picnics, and various patriotic holiday parties. And while it’s not yet May, we think it’s in your best interest to start advertising early!

Take a look at this great example of graduation catering advertising from Feast! Market in Charlottesville, Virginia: Graduation Catering

We love this Facebook advertisement because they provide:

  • a direct link to their catering menu
  • their phone number
  • several beautiful photos of their catering goodies

Graduation at the University of Virginia isn’t until the weekend of March 15, but this post creates a sense of urgency for customers: Order now! Don’t wait!

Since the post is sponsored, this ensures that Feast! is top of mind when parents, students and others linked to the UVa community are starting to plan their graduation celebrations.


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