Dads & Grads: Celebrations in June

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High school and college graduations are upon us, as is Father’s Day (the 3rd Sunday in June). Traditionally lumped together for “Dads & Grads” promotions, these two celebrations are the perfect opportunity to kick off your summer season! Here are a few tips for making the most of these celebrations:

Dads and Grads Marketing

Make the promotions time sensitive

Create a sense of urgency by limiting your promotion to a period of a few days. Something like, “This weekend only, free shipping on personalized gifts for grads!” or, “This week, buy 1 tie for dad, and get a second half off!” That being said, don’t overlook the last-minute shoppers! You could send a reminder email a day or two before the holiday to promote items and services still available – even offering a freebie or other special gift if they come in.

dads and grads marketing

Separate your promotions

While it’s tempting to have one overarching theme for both dads and grads (the rhyming name doesn’t hurt either), dads and recent graduates have different needs and wants, and different types of people buying them gifts. So, pick a few items (products, services, or gift cards) or plan an event for each category, and promote them independently of one another. However, if you’re running promotions and events throughout the month of June, using the catchy rhyming phrase could help unify all the specials you have going on.

Keep it simple

Sometimes, a gift card or gift certificate is the easiest gift for people to buy. Make sure customers know that you offer gift cards – promoting all the details (denominations available, how to order, shipping options) on your social media channels, website and through email marketing. You might want to consider a gift card promotion, so that when someone buys $50 worth of gift cards, they get a $10 gift card for themselves!

Dads and grads marketing


How are you celebrating the dads and grads in your life?

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