Be Calendar Relevant: New YEAR Specials

It’s the start of the new year. Why not have fun with it? Many restaurants are maximizing the year with $20.13 specials.  We’ve seen several in the DC area… Pizzeria [...]

Whole Food Employees Around the World Cut The Cheese

Saturday at Whole Foods across the globe (they have stores in U.S., Canada and UK), it was PARMAGEDDON! Whole Foods set out at 3pm EST to simultaneously crack and sample over 400 wheels of [...]

LSMerriment: Love, Wine and Marketing

In December we shared festive holiday marketing ideas from both local and national businesses. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’ll be bringing you lovable marketing ideas to get your [...]

25 Excuses to Host an In-Store Event

Looking for a reason to have a little fun with your customers or shake things up a bit? Look no further! Check out our handy dandy list of excuses to host a get together in your store, restaurant [...]

Make Your Location a Destination: Classes & Seminars

This month, we’re focusing on ways to drive traffic to your location using in-store events! Marketing your business as a destination for fun and relevant events will help you connect with [...]

Make Your Location a Destination: Charity Give Back

Earlier this week, we shared some great examples of how to host classes or seminars in your shop or restaurant to become a destination for your customers. Today, we’re sharing ways to [...]

Make Your Location a Destination: Host Live Music

Make it a weekly thing The Beehive in Boston is known for their Jazz Brunch on Sundays. People come as much for the food as they do for the music! If you have the space to host a musical act [...]

Top 5 Components of a Successful Destination Event

Over the past month, we’ve shared numerous examples of how you can make your location a destination for events. From game nights to seminars to charity events, there are so many fun reasons [...]

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