Tips for Today: Earth Day Promotions

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April 22, is Earth Day! The celebration of Earth Day in 1970 launched the modern environmental movement. Over the years, we’ve seen a some great examples of how businesses are celebrating Earth Day with their customers – check them out below!

Promote Fair Trade or Locally-Made Products

By promoting products or menu items made with locally sourced ingredients, you’re helping protect the environment of your immediate community! And, by showcasing products (like these Theo chocolate bars) that are made in fair and ethical ways in other parts of the world, you’re helping to raise awareness for the farmers and artisans that produce these products.

earth day promotions

Be a Recycling Center

Offering your customers a way to recycle household items is a great way to celebrate Earth Day year round! Try to tie your recycling option into your business: wine shop recycling corks, clothing store taking clothing donations, or a health and beauty store recycling shampoo (or other types of) bottles. Many retail stores give customers store credit for bringing these goods in – win win!

Earth Day Crafts

If a majority of your customers have children, why not throw an Earth Day craft party for the kids? It’s a great way to teach children about Earth Day and get the parents into your location for the day! We like this “Earth Day Our Way” campaign from Anthropologie. Earth Day Promotions


Green Goodies

Screwtop Wine Bar in Arlington, Virginia celebrated Earth Day all month long by dedicating their entire wine list to eco-friendly wines! Plus, they gave away reusable wine totes on Earth Day and offering discounts on purchases of eco-friendly wines.

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