Snow Day Destination

 In Be Locally Relevant, Drive Traffic

Bad, snowy weather can keep customers away. Why not find a way to turn school and work closures to your advantage by becoming a snow day destination.

If you do business in an area that gets a few snowstorms each season, a fun idea might be to run “snow day” specials. Take advantage of the fact that your customers may be off of work for the day, and are looking for an excuse to get out of the house.

Check out these fun examples below!

Weekday Brunch

If you usually only offer brunch on the weekends, a snow day is a perfect time to offer it during the week! Added bonus: screen family-friendly movies all day long.
Meridian Pint Brunch

Happy Hour Pricing All Day

Some people treat snow days as an excuse to extend fun and indulgent weekend behavior. An all-day happy hour gives them the resources to do just that!
Carving Room

Keep Snow Day Specials Top of Mind

By putting a seasonal call out on your menu for special snow day pricing, your customers will think of you when they need something on a snowy day!
Chop't Snow Day

Promote a Sale Before the Storm

Instead of running your sale on a snow day, why not run a promotion for the day before? Your customers will be out shopping for what they need to be cooped up for a few days – make sure your store is on their list!
Curious Grape

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