Tips for Today: National Cookie Month

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Did you know that October is National Cookie Month? While the holiday itself is not nationally recognized by the government, it’s still a fun and quirky opportunity to celebrate with your customers!

Fun Fact: The word “cookie” is derived from the Dutch word koekje or (informal) koekie which means little cake. It arrived in the English language through the Dutch in North America, and it eventually spread from American English to British English where biscuit is still the more general term.

This month-long homage to the cookie is the perfect excuse to drum up some new (and tasty) marketing activities to drive traffic and trial and create buzz around your small business! Here are a few ways you can incorporate cookies into your October marketing strategy:


  • Give each of your customers a freshly baked cookie at the conclusion of their meal
  • Incorporate new cookie recipes into your dessert menu (ice cream sandwiches, seasonal cookies, cookie cakes)
  • Showcase a “cookie of the week” all month long at your bakery
  • Create a cookie and dessert wine pairing for your restaurant or bar customers


  • Keep a plate of freshly baked cookies at your register for your customers to enjoy
  • Stick a coupon for a free cookie from a local bakery in your customers’ shopping bags
  • Host a cookies and milk party for your customers – especially fun if your shop caters to kids!
  • Have a local bakery cater a special event at your shop – a cookie cross promotion!
  • Partner with a local bakery to raise money for a cookie donation to an after school program or other children’s group in need of a little cheer


  • Keep a plate of freshly baked cookies at your register for your customers to enjoy
  • Offer your catering customers a cookie baking class
  • Partner with a local bakery to send “thank you” cookie bouquets to your best customers

How will you be celebrating National Cookie Month with your customers?

For more information on marketing holidays (and how to celebrate them) visit our Marketing Holiday Calendar!

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