Tools for Tomorrow: April Fool’s Day

April Fools’ Day is celebrated in many countries on April 1 every year. While it’s not a national holiday for any country, it is widely recognized and celebrated as a day where people play [...]

Increase Sales With Low Cost, High-Touch Gift Booklets

The ability for a customer to buy gift certificates and pre-loaded cards can be a substantial sales driver for retailers and restaurants. However, for many small businesses, gift cards [...]

Reward Program Apps: Local Marketing On The Go

Chances are, you carry around one of those sandwich / coffee / frozen yogurt punch cards in your wallet. You know the type: purchase 9 coffees, get the 10th free? It’s ok, we have one too. [...]

Heads or Tails? Battle the Barista for a Freebie!

This past week in New York, we spotted this awesome and engaging tactic at the Australian-style pie and coffee shop, Pie Face: With no gimmicks or complicated rules, this “instant [...]

Is “Hi. We’re Out Of…” Really A Good Restaurant Greeting?

At the beach for vacation, I was surprised how many times we were greeted in restaurants with, “Hi. Tonight we’re out of…” While I appreciate the early update of what [...]

Fourth Fridays: Regular Events Drive Traffic to Your Location

Most restaurants, wineries, cafes, bars and retail stores are looking for ways to drive traffic to their location. Hosting events is a great way to drive traffic by making your location a [...]

Pumpkin on the Menu: Spark Interest with Limited Edition Fall Menu Items

This upcoming weekend is the last official weekend of summer. For some of us, this means saying goodbye to days at the pool or beach, fresh produce from the farmer’s market and backyard [...]

5 Quick Tips on How to Create a Valuable Customer Rewards Program

How many customer reward cards are in your wallet, on your phone or on your keychain right now? Which ones do you actually use? Probably the ones that provide you with the most value. For me, my [...]

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