12 Small Ways to Improve Your Customers’ Experience

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It has been said that it takes 12 positive service experiences for a customer to “forget” 1 negative service experience. If you’ve ever tried to make amends with a dissatisfied customer, I think you’ll agree that it can take awhile to fully regain a customer’s trust and loyalty.

One of our mottos here at LSMGuide is that you don’t necessarily need to go the extra MILE to win over a customer. Usually, all it takes is going a few extra steps.

Below, you’ll find 12 easy ways to improve the daily experience of your customers.

  1. Hold the door open for them as they enter or exit.
  2. Offer them hot cider (or cold water – depending on the weather) as they browse your shop.
  3. Give them a sincere compliment.
  4. Offer to carry their packages to their car.
  5. Give their dog or their child a complimentary treat.
  6. Give them a complimentary treat.
  7. Offer to hold their wet umbrella behind the register while they look around.
  8. Return their calls / emails within the same business day, if possible.
  9. Greet them warmly.
  10. Say thank you when they check out.
  11. Ask how you can help, and listen. No really. Just listen.
  12. Take care when packaging up their purchases.

Have you found the “12 positive experiences” equation to be true in your business? How have you attempted to make up with dissatisfied customers?

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