The Best Service Experience of My Life

On Friday night, my girlfriend (Shannon) and I had the best service experience of our lives at Seattle’s Canlis restaurant. Call to Action If you live in Seattle have your next meal at [...]

Top 10 To Do List For New Restaurants

Are you thinking about opening a new restaurant? Or, are you in the process of planning the grand opening of your new restaurant concept? If so, we’re sure you’ve got plenty on your [...]

Is “Hi. We’re Out Of…” Really A Good Restaurant Greeting?

At the beach for vacation, I was surprised how many times we were greeted in restaurants with, “Hi. Tonight we’re out of…” While I appreciate the early update of what [...]

Seasonal Promotion: Fall, Food & Football

For some people, nothing says Fall like a Sunday on the couch watching football. And for most of those people, football is best paired with pizza, wings, and other yummy foods. If you own a [...]

12 Small Ways to Improve Your Customers’ Experience

It has been said that it takes 12 positive service experiences for a customer to “forget” 1 negative service experience. If you’ve ever tried to make amends with a dissatisfied [...]

LSMerriment: New Year’s Eve Love Boat Style

New Year’s Eve is a great opportunity for restaurants and bars to host parties for customers, both public and private. Old Ebbitt Grill in Washington, DC is hosting a Love Boat Cruise party [...]

LSMerriment: New Year’s Eve Great Gatsby Style

The new Salamander Resort & Spa is ringing in the new year with an ALL Great Gatsby Party. From their restaurants to their wine bar, there are options for hotel guests or just those looking [...]

Top 5 Posts of 2013

  Happy New Year! As we look forward to creating new content in 2014, it’s fun and helpful to look back and see which posts from 2013 you found most interesting. Check out the top 5 [...]