Locally Relevant Koffie

Be relevant to your customers is life/business rule #1. This outdoor ad at a tram stop in Amsterdam caught my eye for two reasons… 1) It’s for a new coffee product. 2) It’s very [...]

How to Be Different: Create Wow!

How do you break your company or product away from the pack of sameness? Welcome to the first in a series of guides highlighting techniques marketing experts suggest to be different and build [...]

How to Be Different: Offer “Dramatic Difference”

Not just different, but dramatically different is what Doug Hall prescribes… Who: Doug Hall Inventor, author, consultant, and recent judge on the ABC television network show “American [...]

How to Be Different: “Dominant Selling Idea”

In their book “Why Johnny Can’t Brand: Rediscovering the Lost Art of the Big Idea” Bill Schley and Carl Nichols Jr. share their idea of the dominant selling idea (DSI) and how [...]

How to Be Different: “Create A Contagion”

The crux of Guy Kawasaki’s book The Art of the Start: The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything is about turning ideas into action! In chapter 9, “The Art of [...]

The Marketing Power Of A Simple T-Shirt

I was recently reminded of the power of a simple, inexpensive and easy marketing tool – the t-shirt. At a Wine Bloggers Conference in Oregon, we visited Willamette Valley Vineyards. [...]

C’mon – Chicken – Just Do Social Media Already

What’s wrong with you? Too chicken to do social media? Bok bok! C’mon – you baby – stop being a wuss! Do social media already. I spend a lot of time convincing my clients [...]

How Your Franchisees Can Use Radio Effectively for the Grand Opening

Opening a new store? There is a great awareness-building article posted by Scott Kuhn on the International Association of Franchisees and Dealers website. It covers the basics and benefits of [...]