How Effective Is Your A-Frame Sign?

 In Build Awareness, Customer Experience, Drive Traffic

A-frame signs can be great attention grabbing and traffic driving tactics. The chalk board versions are great as you can change the message daily. Well executed a-frame signs positioned correctly on the sidewalk can drive foot traffic and be spotted by drivers passing by.

Over the last few weeks we’ve seen some great examples and some off examples. The biggest key to success is legibility.

Make sure you use …

  • BRIGHT chalk/pens,
  • CLEAR handwriting, and
  • SIMPLE messages.

Great example: bright, clean and simple!

Fair example: bright but hard to read handwriting with two messages makes it less effective.



Fair example: bright color, simple message but ghosting of prior chalk makes it hard to read.


Bad example: too many message, hard to read, worn out.



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