Tools for Tomorrow: Holiday Event Planning

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We know, we know – it’s only the first week of August. You have weeks (months, even) to plan your holiday events. But, what if several other businesses in your neighborhood are already planning their events? And, what if they’re planning cross-promotional events with each other? And, what if you’re left out? Ok, that’s a little dramatic – but you get the picture! We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: in most things, and especially in holiday planning, the early bird gets the worm.

We recently spotted this advertisement for a party taking place on December 5 at The Market at Grelen, a tree nursery/event space/market in Somerset, VA.

Market_at_GrelenYes, that’s right – a “save the date” of sorts hit social media 5 months before the event date. BUT, from a local marketing perspective, it makes perfect sense. Here’s why:

  • Other companies are likely still advertising their summer items, menus, and events – so this will definitely stand out and be remembered.
  • As customers begin to think about their holiday schedules (usually in early fall), they’ll already have this date in mind.
  • When local vendors see this save the date, they’ll wonder how they can get involved.
  • In a way, the first promoted event (especially for a smaller city like Charlottesville) can set the bar (high or low) for all proceeding events. This one looks like a good one!

And while we’re sure not every detail is planned out quite yet, laying the ground work for a holiday event (setting the date, location, activities and participants) is a big first step. So, why not get together with some of your neighborhood partners – be they other businesses, local schools or charities, or customers – and figure out what event(s) you want to host this holiday season. Make the brainstorming party a true party with yummy snacks and beverages and create a sense of camaraderie that is sure to last into the holiday season and beyond!

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