Good LSM: Easy Comment Cards

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I recently traveled to Ireland and spent many a day (and a night) in the local pubs. One of my favorite spots in Dublin was The Beer Market – a new craft beer bar owned by Galway Bay Brewery. While not a traditional Irish pub, they offer (what seems like) the widest selection of local craft beer, plus some American beers that are hard to find outside of the U.S.

The service was friendly, the beer was fresh, and they had stacks of board games to keep guests entertained. But one of my favorite things about The Beer Market (aside from the tasty beer, of course), were their coasters.

The front is simple and nothing extraordinary – just the names of a few beers they serve: Front_Coaster

But, the back offers a small spot for customers to provide suggestions or feedback:



While coaster comment cards are slightly unconventional (do you really want suggestions from intoxicated customers?), we like these for a few reasons:

  • Every customer gets one, so every customer has a forum to provide feedback
  • The space to write a comment is limited, so customers must be succinct (and hopefully, more constructive because of this).
  • Comment cards are to be handed directly to bar staff, so there is personal accountability from both the customer and the employee

What a fun and easy idea to implement in your own bar or restaurant! Speaking of which, how do you currently collect comments or feedback from your customers?

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