Good LSM: Cross Promotional Marketing

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Who doesn’t love an impromptu party? No one, that’s who! Why not pick a day in the near future to have a party for your customers – just because? It’s sure to get their attention, and we bet you’ll see a boost in business and some great press!

Take a cue from KITTY, a women’s clothing boutique in Nashville, TN. They recently hosted an East Nashville Block Party, and invited other local small businesses to surprise and delight their customers!

cross promotional marketing

For refreshments, they offered their customers cupcakes from The Kind Cake, a local gluten free bakery and sangria cocktails all day long. Then, to help their customers feel even more pampered, they invited The Dry House, a blow dry salon to provide complimentary hair wrap designs or braids.

Not only does this sound like a memorable moment for KITTY customers to then share with their friends, family and colleagues, but it’s a great way for small businesses to come together and help each other get some good exposure!

Joining forces with other businesses can result in a sales and marketing boom as long as you’re all compatible with each other! In the example above, the customers of a trendy women’s boutique would likely be interested in learning more about a blow dry salon (and who doesn’t love healthier cupcakes)?

Additionally, teaming up is likely to be more cost efficient for all parties involved as you can share the costs. Just don’t try to involve too many partners – the overall message of the event can start to feel diluted, and you run the risk of losing your target audience in a sea of companies.

Have you ever participated in a cross-promotional event? How did it turn out?


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