Father’s Day Promotions Planning

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Father’s Day is coming up – how are you planning to celebrate with your customers? Special promotions for dads? Sharing gift ideas to make it easy for moms, kids, and friends?

Or, were you so busy running your business that you *gasp* forgot to plan something? If so, it’s ok. We understand, it happens!

Instead of rushing to put together some haphazard promotion, why not take note of good ideas that you see this year and put them into action for next year? While we’re using Father’s Day as an example, this strategy can apply to any holiday! And, don’t just check out your local competition – check out what small businesses (in different industries) across the country are doing to celebrate the holiday. You may be able to make a marketing idea from a restaurant work for your retail shop.

Take an hour (or even 30 minutes) out of this weekend to get online and check out Father’s Day promotions. Try searching for the following online, both in the “web” and “news” section of your favorite search engine:

  • Father’s Day Marketing Ideas
  • Father’s Day Retail Promotions (or Specials, Events)
  • Father’s Day Restaurant Promotions (or Specials, Events)
  • Father’s Day Promotions (or Specials, Events)
  • Small Business Father’s Day
  • Father’s Day Events

If you can check out any of the events or promotions in person, you should! It’s a great opportunity to see what’s working, what’s not, and if you can make the promotion work for your business.

Here are a few fun Father’s Day marketing ideas we’ve seen that will help you get started!


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