Tips for Today: Summer Hours

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Do you extend or change your hours of operation during the summer? Or, are you closed on more days that usual due to the various patriotic holidays? If so, make sure that your customers know your plans so that they can make their plans to visit your business!

One of the most common ways to let customers know about your change in hours is through in-store signage. Just make sure it looks like this:

Summer Hours

Not this:

summer hours

No, we’re not saying you need to have a Captain America-themed sign. Or, that yours has to be designed by a graphic designer or other artistic professional. But, we are saying that some thought should go into your temporary holiday hours signage. The sign(s) should be an extension of your brand, and should be hung with care. You want it to blend in with your other signage or window displays, not distract from it.

Other ways to let your customers know about seasonal hours:

  • Social media: Remind customers with various posts or tweets
  • e-Newsletter: Send a few reminder emails
  • Events: Host events that take place during your extended/different hours

Don’t forget to remind customers if you will be closed on certain holidays – especially if they rely on your business for beer, wine, food or other summer holiday essentials.

Are you changing your hours for summer?

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