Product Demonstration 101

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve shared the basics for successful sampling and product demonstration (for refreshers, click here, here, and here). Today we’re going to dig a little deeper into the world of product demonstrations.

Demonstrations allow you to show off key features of products or services so that your customers have a better understanding of what makes you different (and better!) than your competition. It’s important to always be excited and rehearsed to demo, and to let the customer try it for themselves.

Product Demonstration Tips

How to Set Up

Set up your station in a visible area of your store, but away from narrow traffic flow and the cash register – you don’t want to block the sales path or path for browsing. Make sure you have all the supplies and tools you need to show off your product, and don’t forget to do a quick run-through with the product before you begin. You don’t want to accidentally start your demonstration with a non-working electronic wine bottle opener (or whatever)! Lastly, keep the product that’s for sale near by so customers can easily grab it to purchase after the demo.

Make it About the Customer

Let the customer try it themselves… Don’t simply show them how it works – let them try for themselves how easy it is to operate. You want them to “sell” the product to themselves! And, even if this is your 20th time doing the demonstration, make it personal! Talk with customers one-to-one, and adapt your sales pitch to them.

Practice Makes Perfect!

You want your demonstration to feel seamless – like an easy conversation with a friend. For this reason, you and your team must rehearse. We recommend brainstorming a list of questions your customers are likely to ask, and then making sure you have answers to those questions. It’s also helpful to know what other products are out there so you can easily answer questions like, “What makes this different than that other product that seems similar?”

Train, Train, Train

Make sure to train several (if not all) of the people on your team to demonstrate the product. Not only will this increase their product knowledge (thus, helping your business in the long run), it will keep your demonstrations feeling fresh! If only one person is doing the demonstrations, your customers are only getting one show, and towards the end of the demonstration hour(s), that show can start to feel tired. Spread the responsibility throughout your team to increase fresh engagement with your customers.


Remember, the key to successful sampling and demonstrations is to put your best face forward (best employees, best product, best set-up) and to sample to your existing customers (to possibly upgrade their usual purchase) and to your potential customers (to drive trial of your product). It’s for this reason that the quality of your sampling and demonstrations matters more than the quantity.

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