Good LSM: Celebrate Your Customers

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How often do you make a fuss over your customers? And no, we don’t just mean saying “thank you” as they check out or holding the door open for them as they leave (although, these are give-ins). We mean making customers feel special and important – really celebrating them. celebrate your customers

Think back to the first day your location was open. We bet that every customer that came in was treated like a VIP and that you went above and beyond to make them feel valuable. We bet there was fun music playing, and that you took photos and shared them on social media. Which leads us to this week’s example of good local store marketing.

MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes is a fast-casual restaurant chain based in Plano, TX that prides itselfon delivering “the best burger you’ll ever have, period” and on having fun with their customers. They host weekly “kids eat free” nights, family fun nights, and often run creative customer contests. Recently, they’ve been posting photos of customers having fun at their various locations on Facebook.

It may seem like a simple gesture – but it can make a big impact on your new and existing customers! If taking photos yourself seems like too daunting a task (or you just forget to do it), you can always search for photos on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter – customers will likely use hashtags, your company’s handle, or a location “check-in” to caption their photos, making them easy for you to find! Aside from sharing photos, use social media as a way to share a great conversation you had with a loyal customer and keep that conversation going!celebrate your customers

MOOYAH’s brand is all about good food, their customers and silly fun, and their Facebook page (and other social media sites) reinforce this culture. If you’re a business that puts people first and values its customers (who doesn’t?), you want your Facebook page and other social networks to reflect that.

Note: If you’re taking a photo of customers, make sure you get their permission to share it on social media. If you want to share a customer’s photo that you found on social media, send them a message or comment on the photo to make sure it’s ok if you share it. Chances are, they won’t have a problem with it – but it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

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