5 Companies Using Facebook for Good Customer Service

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In a previous article, we showed you how to effectively use Social Media as a customer service tool. But in today’s post, we’ll show you how to do it using real-life examples from companies that are doing it right.

1. Respond within 12 – 24 hours, if possible.

Depending on the number of messages / posts you receive, this will require a dedicated time slot in your daily schedule. Often, customers are asking a question (about possibly visiting your location that day), or voicing a complaint. Both posts are time sensitive.

Bundt Cake Complaint

2. Be personal.

Use the person’s name when responding, and make reference to their specific complaint to let them know there’s a real person behind the keyboard.

Skillet Truck Question

3. Say thank you.

First and foremost, thank your fan for contacting you. Even if they have a complaint, thank them for their feedback. If they have a compliment, thank them for their business. You get the picture.

Lime Happy Customer

4. Stay on brand.

Regardless of who is managing the social media aspect of your business, make sure they know how to speak for your brand. Aside from being grammatically correct, your response needs to reflect the correct personality of your brand.

H &Pizza Question

5. Offer to make right.

First, take the conversation out of the public sphere by asking them to email you or direct message you. Then, decide how you can provide value to the dissatisfied customer.

Whataburger Complaint

Do you have experience connecting with your customers in this way? Or, have you been a customer on the receiving end of social media service?

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