Top 5 Tips for Successful Annual Planning

Can you believe it’s September already? Retail stores are already filled with Halloween costumes and candy, and before you know it, there will be holiday decorations and Christmas trees [...]

5 Quick Tips on How to Create a Valuable Customer Rewards Program

How many customer reward cards are in your wallet, on your phone or on your keychain right now? Which ones do you actually use? Probably the ones that provide you with the most value. For me, my [...]

Hosting a Charity Drive: What You Need to Know

One of the easiest ways to give to a local charity is to collect supplies that they need. As opposed to a one-time cash donation (which would, obviously, be appreciated as well), hosting a [...]

Raising Money for Charity: What You Need to Know

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Drive Sales By Understanding Your Competition: Store Tours

How does your business compare to your competition when it comes to customer service? What about your product & service offerings? What about the general appearance of your location? Often we [...]

Friending the Competition

Last week, we gave you tips on how to scope out your competition by being a secret shopper. Taking an afternoon (or two) to do this can give you some great insight as to how you stack up against [...]

Holiday Planning: What You Need to Know

Over the past few weeks, we’ve posted a series of articles lauding the advantages of planning ahead for the Holiday season (in August and September, versus waiting until November) to avoid [...]

Tips for Today: Blogging

Sure your small business has a website, and a Facebook page, but do you have a blog? Before you brush it off as one more thing to do later, hear us out. Writing a blog gives you a chance to share [...]