LSMerriment: Love, Wine and Marketing

In December we shared festive holiday marketing ideas from both local and national businesses. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’ll be bringing you lovable marketing ideas to get your [...]

Top 5 Tips for Volunteering With Your Employees

Volunteering with your staff is a great way to build camaraderie and give back to your community. However, before you pick out which park you’re going to clean up, or which food bank [...]

Raising Money for Charity: What You Need to Know

In a previous blog post, we lauded the generosity of collecting supplies for charities in need. While some charities may prefer supplies or volunteering (and these are certainly honorable ways to [...]

Donating Services or Goods to a Charity

Instead of donating money or collected goods, some charitable organizations might need food, beverages or other services at a charity location or event. Say there’s a Habitat for Humanity [...]

Walking the Walk: Starbucks’ Global Month of Service

As a company, Starbucks is committed to creating positive change in the communities their cafés serve. Year round, Starbucks employees dedicate time and energy to giving back to hundreds of [...]

31 Reasons to Give Back All Year Long

Last week, we shared with you the mission behind Starbucks’ Global Month of Service, and noted that dedicating a certain month to your charity efforts could help you reach your fundraising [...]

Good LSM: Taste Good & Do Good

In our series “Good LSM, Bad LSM,” we share real-life examples of both good and bad Local Store Marketing (LSM) we see as we’re out and about to help you in your marketing and sales driving [...]

Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas

With the holidays and New Years in our rear view mirror, the next big marketing holiday on the horizon is Valentine’s Day! How will you be celebrating with your customers and employees this [...]

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