5 Charitable Events You Can Host This Year

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve covered why giving back is important and how to find the right charity partner for your business. This week, we’re sharing 5 different events you can host to generate excitement, interest, and donations for your charity partner!

As you plan your charitable events, we recommend asking your employees and your customers for input. This way, they’ll feel as if they are part of the process and be more likely to wholeheartedly participate and spread the word!

Different Types of Charitable Events

Collections & Drives

A drive is typically focused on a single item – books, water, food, canned goods, winter coats – with the goal of gathering as many of a certain item as possible. The logistics are to promote, collect and transfer the items to the needy group. Make sure you know what your charity partner needs (and in what sizes or quantities, if applicable) before you begin!

Donate a Portion of Sales

This is an easy way for your customers to feel involved in the giving process, as a portion of the proceeds from their purchase will go towards the charity in need. You can even schedule several days a year for a portion of the proceeds to benefit the charity (like Whole Foods), so customers can schedule purchases, if they wish.

Volunteer Your Time

Maybe donating cash or items isn’t something you can or want to do. That’s ok! Why not see if your charity partner needs in-person support for events, drives of their own, or even administrative support in their office? The gift of time and labor is often much appreciated to a charity in need!

Organize a Run

A fun way to rally your community around your cause is to organize a run (or other sporting event) to raise money for your charity partner. By partnering with other local businesses and individuals, you can make a bigger impact and ensure a memorable experience for all that participate! Tip: Make it family friendly by allowing kids and pets to take part!


Sell raffle tickets to your customers for the chance to win a prize from your business or a partner business! You can organize a larger auction or event to accompany the raffle or ticket sales, or simply donate sales of the raffle tickets to the charity. Make sure the prizes are something that will generate buzz!


Have you ever used any of these events to raise money for your charity partner? Let us know in the comments section below!

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