Why Giving Back is Important

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Companies with great culture often make an effort to spread the good fortune around, and we think it’s important for businesses to make a difference in their community in a way that is authentic and is connected to the company’s goals.

While donating money, time, services or goods to an organization or charity in need can make you feel good, it can have many other positive effects on your business!

  • It will help you be perceived as a giving and integral part of your community.
  • Your customers will be happier to support your business (knowing you give back).
  • Your employees will be happier knowing they are doing more with their job than just earning a paycheck (by supporting your organization of choice).

When your company can afford to give back to those in need (whether monetarily or through service), it creates the idea of abundance: your business is succeeding and you want to share your success with your community. That positive energy carries a lot of weight for your employees and your customers, as they become more confident in you as a community partner and business.

Volunteering time together as a team can make a larger task (cleaning up a stretch of beach) seem achievable, and employees will find ways to bond with each other as they work towards completing their goal. Plus, they’ll feel good knowing they did good. And when your employees are happy and feeling confident in the company they work for, it shows. Positive company culture can help attract and retain top talent.

Once your company makes giving back a priority, you’ll find the opportunities to create positive change in your community are limitless!

What ways does your company give back, and what tactics did you use to ensure success? Share your experiences with us in the comments section below!

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