Resource: A Summary of “Crossing the Chasm”

Summary of Geoffrey Moore’s “Crossing the Chasm, Marketing and Selling High-Tech Products to Mainstream Customer” <Crossing the Chasm Resource.pdf>

Community Board

Overview Letting your customers know what you do in the community is important to both customers and employees. The Community Board is an opportunity to let customers know how you are embracing [...]

Locally Relevant Koffie

Be relevant to your customers is life/business rule #1. This outdoor ad at a tram stop in Amsterdam caught my eye for two reasons… 1) It’s for a new coffee product. 2) It’s very [...]

How to Be Different: Offer “Dramatic Difference”

Not just different, but dramatically different is what Doug Hall prescribes… Who: Doug Hall Inventor, author, consultant, and recent judge on the ABC television network show “American [...]

How to Be Different: “Dominant Selling Idea”

In their book “Why Johnny Can’t Brand: Rediscovering the Lost Art of the Big Idea” Bill Schley and Carl Nichols Jr. share their idea of the dominant selling idea (DSI) and how [...]

The Marketing Power Of A Simple T-Shirt

I was recently reminded of the power of a simple, inexpensive and easy marketing tool – the t-shirt. At a Wine Bloggers Conference in Oregon, we visited Willamette Valley Vineyards. [...]

C’mon – Chicken – Just Do Social Media Already

What’s wrong with you? Too chicken to do social media? Bok bok! C’mon – you baby – stop being a wuss! Do social media already. I spend a lot of time convincing my clients [...]

Marketing Offers Can’t Feel Selfish

When creating a marketing offer, you’ve got to make sure they are as meaningful to your customer as they are for your business. Toward the end of September, my old* dentist sent the [...]