Tools for Tomorrow: Seasonally Relevant Product Offerings

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Today we are just 8 weeks away from the unofficial beginning of the holiday shopping season (November 1). While it seems so far away, as we’re “still” in August, it’s wise to start making progress on your holiday plans now. Over the past few weeks we’ve covered holiday event planning, company holiday parties, holiday promotions to help set the marketing wheels in motion. Today, we’re going to share some ideas on seasonally relevant product/service offerings to spark your creativity!

Wait, what do you mean by seasonally relevant?

Let’s say you own a bakery/coffee shop. You could keep your menu the same year-round (and there’s nothing wrong with that), but wouldn’t it be fun to create limited-edition treats for your customers? We’re talking about fresh gingerbread muffins, peppermint hot chocolates and colorful sugar cookies. Things like this are a relatively easy (and fun) way to add a dash of holiday spirit to your small business.

So, what if I don’t own a bakery or coffee shop?

Don’t worry – you don’t have to offer sugary or caffeinated goodies to partake in seasonally-relevant marketing activities! Here are a few ways you can jazz up your regular service or menu offerings to surprise and delight your customers during the holiday season:

  • Spa or Salon: Try incorporating refreshing peppermint oil into hair or skin treatments, making “grab and go” manicure gift sets featuring a classic nail polish color, or offering your clients a “holiday recharge” spa service.
  • Restaurant: Depending on the type of cuisine you serve, you could change things up by adding traditional holiday items (roasts, latkes, turkey) or “lucky” New Years foods to your menu. Don’t forget about traditional holiday desserts!
  • Bar: Diversify your wine and beer lists by offering items best suited for colder weather – heavier beers, bolder red wines and creamier white wines. Bonus points for creating a holiday cocktail menu! Cranberry mojito, anyone?
  • Retail Shops: Make gift shopping easy for your customers – group stocking stuffers together, have gift baskets ready to go and display holiday-themed items (holiday party dresses, holiday entertaining items, or gifts for kids) at the front of the store to create a festive display.


What seasonally relevant items will you be adding to your menu or products or services?

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