Tips for Today: Tax Day Promotions

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April 15: a date that comes with a few emotions attached: anxiety (over filing your taxes), anger (over owing money for your taxes), elation (over getting a big return) and sometimes just annoyance (at having to deal with taxes at all). But, as they say – the only two certainties in life are death and taxes, so we must deal with the latter in April.

That being said, is there anything that you can do to make April 15 easier (or at least a little less painful) for your customers? We think so! Why not mark April 15 as a date on your marketing calendar to offer a special promotion, give away a little something, or have fun with your customers?

Tax Day Promotions: Ideas

  • Offer discounts or specials to professionals working in the tax industry.
  • Use $4.15 as the magic number for the day, like Orange Leaf Yogurt. Their Facebook fans can fill up a 16-ounce cup with yogurt and all the toppings they want, just for $4.15! Tax Day Promotions
  • Set up a fun display for your customers for them to make a purchase based on whether they owe money or will be getting a refund. If you run a wine shop, maybe divide up inexpensive and expensive bottles of wine on a table, and have signs saying, “Splurge” or “Save”- making light of a stressful situation.
  • Offer Happy Hour “Tax Relief” discounts – half-priced drinks, or a free appetizer, like California Tortilla! By whispering “Taxes, Shmaxes” to the cashier, customers get free chips and queso with any purchase. Tax Day Promotion
  • Pay your customers’ sales tax on purchases between April 14 – 15. Advertise your offer, or treat the opportunity as a surprise and delight!

Will you be celebrating Tax Day with your customers? Let us know in the comments section below!

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