What is a “Surprise & Delight” Experience?

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Here on LSMGuide.com, we often talk about how various marketing activities are great examples of “surprise and delight” experiences. But, what does that really mean? Shouldn’t you be delighting your customers daily anyway? And, how can you be sure that your customers want to be surprised?

Surprise and Delight Your Customers

Basically, by giving your customers something free, fun and delightful that they weren’t expecting every once in a while, you are surprising and delighting them. The good news is, surprise and delight marketing tactics don’t have to cost a lot of money. You can do little things (like, send them a birthday card or give them a 10% discount at check-out, just because) to make a big impact on how your customers feel about you.

Bonus: the element of a surprise intensifies our emotions by about 400%, and intense emotions are more likely to be remembered. So, surprising your customers and making them feel joy is an experience they are likely to remember. Perfect strategy to create a contingent of loyal customers!

Keep in mind that just because something is unexpected, doesn’t mean it’s surprising (or delightful!). Customer gifts should be given out of the goodness of your heart as a business owner, no strings attached. End of story.

Give your customers a little something extra and make them smile. It’ll be worth it in the long run!


Have you ever used a surprise and delight tactic to wow your customers?

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