LSMerriment: Hint, Hint!

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For the month of December, we’re celebrating “25 Days of LSMerriment.” In other words, we’re sharing 25 great holiday local store marketing ideas to inspire you this season and help drive sales!

Today, we’re sharing an idea from Anthropologie. They set up a “Hint-hint, Honey!” campaign this holiday season to help their customers “suggest” gift items to their significant others.


What a great idea! By helping customers create a wish list (which, in turn, helps significant others purchase gifts off the wish list), Anthropologie is increasing the likelihood that significant others will shop at their stores. One underlying theme we’ve noticed during our 25 Days of LSMerriment is that when you take the guess work out of shopping for gifts – customers are happier, and you reap the benefits!

While Anthropologie has locations across the country, and an extensive online presence, this “gift registry” idea is something you could implement in your small retail store by hosting a wish list shopping event, and creating customers cards to keep on file with their preferences. At the end of the event, you could hand out cards including contact information, shop hours and any upcoming specials for the customers to hand off to their significant others. How fun!

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