Good LSM: Catering to Health-Conscious Customers

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Fad diets are nothing new. We’ve all had at that one friend that tried the cabbage soup diet, the juice cleanse, or the Atkins diet. Now it’s likely that you have a friend or two that is on the Paleo or Whole-30 diets – programs that emphasize eliminating sugar, alcohol, processed grains and dairy (amongst other things) to detox your body.

As these diets sweep an increasingly health-conscious nation, customers are looking for ways to enjoy a meal out but stay within the guidelines of their diet. For many, this means taking the “filling” of a sandwich and having it on a salad instead, or asking for specific preparations of proteins and veggies. However, some restaurants or fast casual establishments have embraced the “no bread, extra veggies” mindset. And, you can bet once the “hard core” dieters find a restaurant or fast casual establishment that fits their lifestyle, they’ll be back again and again.

Case in point: Brazo’s Tacos in Charlottesville, Va. Owner Peter Griesar took note of the growing numbers of customers and friends that were subscribing to the Paleo Diet, and decided to add Paleo-friendly items to his already diverse menu.

Brazo's Tacos

Photo courtesy of C-Ville Weekly Magazine

These “ta-cups” feature all the goodness of a taco, but without any of the guilt that comes from cheating on your diet. The fillings fit within the guidelines of the Paleo diet, and they’re served in cups to eliminate the need for a corn or flour tortilla. What an insightful (and smart) move bye Brazo’s tacos! As a recent subscriber to the Whole30 program, I can’t wait to have lunch “out” here this weekend!

Have you noticed your customers asking for specific preparations of their favorite menu items? If so, maybe it’s time to add a few new menu items and become a go-to spot in town for health-conscious customers!

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