Good LSM: Study Break Sale

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The holidays are just around the corner, and for college students that means it’s exam time! We spotted this great local marketing idea in Charlottesville, Va., home of the University of Virginia. FinchLocal clothing boutique Finch is holding their 11th annual Study Break Sale (for students and non-students). I stopped by on my lunch break the other day and saw several students (some coming straight from exams or the library) doing their holiday shopping – both for themselves and for others! With gift-wrapping done while you wait, it seems like the perfect place for students to grab a gift before they head home for their holiday break. Plus, shopping (on sale!) really does provide a nice break from studying.

This marketing idea is perfect (and adaptable) for any small business in a college town. Retail shops vary the promotion by offering [different] discounts on certain items on certain days, or by combining their sale with a donation to charity. Bakeries and coffee shops can easily tie their comforting menus in with the idea of a “much needed study break,” or could extend their hours (earlier or later) to accommodate late night and early morning studying. Restaurants could offer many of their favorite lunch items to go, so students could take their food with them to the library or back home. Salons or spas can advertise relaxing services (like massages) or create “Congrats! You’re done with exams!” specials for local college students when they show their ID.

By staying in tune with the university or college schedule, your business will become known as a student-friendly business – one that really “gets it.” Even though the purpose of a 3-day sale is to drive traffic and increase sales, students see it (rightfully so) as you looking out for them during this stressful time of year! It’s a win-win.

Is your small business in a college town? If so, how do you take care of your college-aged customers?


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