Food and Wine Pairing: Retail Version

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While wine and food pairings may be the norm at restaurants, they’re not the only type of businesses that can take advantage of this fun customer experience! Lately, we’ve noticed a few retail wine, beer, and spirits shops offering their customers this option as well!

Here’s one that caught our eye, from Swirl & Sip in Fairfax, VA.

food and wine pairingfood and wine pairing

food and wine pairing

This marketing activity is a great way for small wine, beer and spirits shops to expand the services they offer to their customers. We especially like this idea because it will get your customers thinking of YOU when they need to plan the special meals in their lives.

Offering pairings like this is also a great way to further your customers’ education about food and wine (or beer, or spirit) pairings! In turn, they’ll likely consider you as the expert in your community, and come to you for advice (and to buy)!

Now, about the food… chances are you don’t have a kitchen in your retail shop that is big enough (nor legal enough) to use to prepare and sell food to your customers. This is where the idea gets even better! Why not partner with a local caterer (or restaurant that does carry-out service) to create your pairings? Not only will your event get double the exposure, but it will create a sense of camaraderie and fun within your community.

Would this type of idea work for you at your small retail shop? Let us know in the comments section below!


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