Be The Customer to Get More Sales

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Customer ExperienceWant to know how you stack up to the competition? Check them out! The best way to know is to experience it first hand by touring their location and checking out what they’re doing on social media. Be your competition’s customer – just for the day.

Since you know how your business does things, this exercise is an easy way to compare, contrast and gather some great business ideas!

But, what should you be looking for when you set out to scout your competition? Here are a few ideas to get you started, based on the type of business you might run:

Customer Experience Touch Points


  • Menus
  • Food and beverage specials
  • Status of bathrooms


  • Types of coffee service offered
  • Signage (for daily offerings or other specials)
  • Pricing for pastries


  • Dressing room organization
  • POS procedures
  • Interaction with employees

Quick Serve Concept

  • Counter or table service?
  • Status of any self-serve stations
  • How is the menu organized?

No matter the type of business

  • Cleanliness of entrance
  • Smells, sights, sounds
  • Merchandising
  • Social media presence
  • POS procedures
  • Overall impression

You see, all of these “small” things add up to one big thing – the customer experience. Andhow a customer feels when they are in your location might make them always decide to come back to you for what they need, or check out the competition because they are dissatisfied. So, take an afternoon or two to explore your competition – we guarantee it will be an eye-opening and educational experience!

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