The Best Service Experience of My Life

On Friday night, my girlfriend (Shannon) and I had the best service experience of our lives at Seattle’s Canlis restaurant. Call to Action If you live in Seattle have your next meal at [...]

Brains on Fire: On Being Remarkable

A friend of mine, Virginia Miracle (great name, huh?) is the Director of Word of Mouth (great title, huh?) at Brains on Fire – a naming and identity company based in Greenville, SC. They [...]

How to Be Different: Create Wow!

How do you break your company or product away from the pack of sameness? Welcome to the first in a series of guides highlighting techniques marketing experts suggest to be different and build [...]

How to Be Different: Offer “Dramatic Difference”

Not just different, but dramatically different is what Doug Hall prescribes… Who: Doug Hall Inventor, author, consultant, and recent judge on the ABC television network show “American [...]

How to Be Different: “Dominant Selling Idea”

In their book “Why Johnny Can’t Brand: Rediscovering the Lost Art of the Big Idea” Bill Schley and Carl Nichols Jr. share their idea of the dominant selling idea (DSI) and how [...]

How To Be Different: “Zag!”

You probably know Marty from his book “The Brand Gap“. His most recent book “Zag: The Number One Strategy of High-Performance Brands” talks about and teaches us how to [...]

The Store Tour Con

URGENT MESSAGE: Boss is in market visiting stores. At ours now. Could be headed anywhere within the district. Be prepared! It is one of the oldest tricks in the book. And, from what I can tell, [...]

Restaurant and Hotel Trend Predictions for 2013

Today ABC News Food section reporter Lauren Torrisi posted an article about Food Trends for 2013. In her article she references an amazing trend report put together by Hospitality and Restaurant [...]