Tools for Tomorrow: Handhold POS Systems

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There are some errands that are just no fun to run: going to the Department of Motor Vehicles, stopping by the grocery store during rush hour, and waiting in line at your cell phone provider’s store front to make a change to your service plan.

I had the pleasure of tackling that last errand earlier this week, and I wasn’t just updating my plan. I was switching carriers, getting a new phone (and plan) and setting up my phone for international travel. Phew! However, what could have been a lengthy and tedious process was actually quite pleasant – mostly due to the helpful and friendly salesperson, but also due to the fact that she had a handheld POS (point of sale) tablet. She seamlessly created a new contract, transferred my number, and rang me up for my new phone and accessories without leaving my side! I was on my way in 30 minutes – without having to worry about holding up the line at the counter for other customers, or waiting for a register to become available.

While my (new) cell phone provider is a multinational telecommunications provider, the experience got me thinking about mobile POS systems for small businesses – especially as we approach the holiday shopping season! Without going too deep into the financial and logistical details (you can read more about that here), there are several ways a handheld POS could help your small business!

Customer Service

Simply put, you’ll be able to serve your customers in better and different ways with a handheld POS. Instead of waiting in line, they can get in and out and feel like their time is your priority. Plus, if your handheld POS is also a WIFI-enabled tablet, you may be able to help them place online or delivery orders or answer questions about a certain product. Another plus – it will free up your traditional register/counter for more difficult or time-consuming customer issues like returns, exchanges or special orders.

Employee Accessibility

Handheld POS SystemIt’s not uncommon for small businesses to have just one point of sale – a traditional “register” at a counter – that only one employee can operate at a time. Having a few handheld POS tablets will enable all employees to become the cashier – no matter where they are in your location. Imagine your small retail shop inundated with customers on a Saturday in December- instead of losing the sales of customers that “don’t want to wait at the register,” you can help them right then and there – boosting their experience and your bottom line!


Depending on what your handheld POS systems or tablets are set up to do, they will likely increase the overall efficiency of your small business. Many systems are set up to help you with inventory/operations and can help you track customer spending habits. Plus, if you ever work a trade show, community holiday event or other off-site selling opportunity, you can just take your handheld POS with you without missing a beat!


Do you use handheld POS systems at your small business?

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