Tools for Tomorrow: Black Friday

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As of this past Wednesday, there are just 100 days until Christmas (!!!). That means there are just about 70 days until Black Friday. While it seems crazy (wasn’t it just summer?), now is the perfect time to hammer out your Black Friday/Holiday marketing plans!

And while American Express has helped focus attention on Small Business Saturday as the “official” big holiday shopping day for small businesses across the country, Black Friday shouldn’t be overlooked! It has traditionally been the biggest holiday shopping day for the the better part of 90 years, and you can and should entice your customers to come shop/dine/spend time with you!

Here are our top 5 tips for making the most of your Black Friday traffic:

Look Back

Look back at last year’s numbers (by the hour) to see what times were most successful, and why. What promotions were you running, and how did they pay off? Additionally, this information will give you an idea of how to appropriately staff your location. During the anticipated “slower” hours, you could plan for fun in-store promotions, giveaways or demonstrations to draw traffic!

Make it Easyblack friday

Often, customers don’t remember all the people they should be shopping for. Why not create a gift guide for them? List typical gift recipients (from family members, to the dog walker, to the hair dresser) and provide gift suggestions from your shop. The less thinking your customers have to do, the better!

Offer a Respite

Not a retailer? No problem! If you run a restaurant or café, and are located near a retail area, Black Friday will likely be a big day for you, too! By noon or one o’clock, some shoppers will have been up all morning and will be famished for good food and service. Prepare your staff for a busy day and make sure that all customers feel taken care of and relaxed.

Embrace Earlier Hoursblack friday

Even if you can’t compete with the big box retailers, you might consider opening earlier than usual to catch customers that want to shop at both types of locations. Bring in carafes of hot coffee and offer sweet treats to welcome your customers to your shop!

Reach Out

Aside from the usual holiday marketing newsletters, social media posts and advertising, it might be worth your while to send a quick email to your customers to subtly remind them that you’re a small business and that you appreciate their patronage. Highlight your personal customer experience and any special services you’ll be offering for the holiday weekend. Showcasing the human side of your small business will help you stand apart from the big box retailers.


For even more tips on how to get your small business ready for the holiday season, sign up for our Holiday Profits Wrapped With a Bow course today!

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