Take Advantage of Summer Slow Down

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While some small business have their busy season during the summer (with an influx of tourists or other seasonal residents), some businesses have a slower summer season. Maybe they’re based in a college town, and with the students gone home for the summer – they don’t see a lot of traffic. Or, maybe their business is seasonal – like, an apple orchard, or a ski shop. For these businesses, summer is a great time to catch up on housekeeping tasks that have been put off until there’s “time.” Here are some ideas to help you make the most of your summer months.

Summer School

Take this opportunity to learn something new! Hone your social media skills, attend a continuing education class at your local college or university, or read a new book on how to be a better you! Don’t forget the plethora of online webinars and educational lectures you can access with a few clicks.

Check Your Pulse

As we’re about halfway through the year, summer is a great time to revisit your business and marketing plans. Are you on track for success? Or, do you need to course correct and make up for lost time in the fall? Better to face the music now so you can divert resources as needed for your fall and winter seasons!

Update Your Contacts

Take some time to look through your customer database and/or email lists. What information can you clean up, edit or delete? Summer’s also the perfect time to transition your contacts to a new email marketing provider, like Mail Chimp.

Take a Vacation

No, really. If all of your customers are on vacation during the summer, it may be the perfect time for you to take some time off as well! It’s important to recharge your batteries in order to stay focused and motivated throughout the year – and who knows what great idea you’ll dream up on vacation?

How do you plan on spending your slow(er) season?

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