From New Store Construction, Art Emerges

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When you think of a retail shop or a restaurant under construction, what comes to mind? Orange cones, brown craft paper covering the windows, and scaffolding? For most businesses, this is the status quo. Often, you’ll see a “Coming Soon” or other banner depicting what the community will be able to enjoy in a few weeks or months. But, for the most part, construction is a bit of an eyesore.

new store marketingAnd while the basic evidence of construction is present in the constantly growing and changing Mosaic District (a new shopping and restaurant destination in Fairfax, VA), the residential-retail development has found a way to add their unique touch to the plain white walls surrounding construction sites. They invited community members, artists, and children to create works of art to display on the white walls – a community art project they’ve titled Mosaic Yards.

The developers say that the Mosaic District’s vision has “always been to be a part of the community and enrich that area,” and they believe that community art should be a part of that effort. The art project is open to artists of all ages, and Mosaic supplies 1 square yard of canvas to each artist. Not only does the construction site look interesting, colorful and alive with community, but the residents love that each work of art represents a segment of the neighborhood. The good news is, after the construction is complete, some of the paintings will find a permanent home in the Moderna Apartment buildings (currently under construction) and elsewhere in the development – so the art project will be able to enjoyed for years to come.

Creating a space for community art while building out your new business is such a great idea! Not only will you create connections with members of your community, but you’ll generate buzz for your grand opening!

Have you seen anything like this in your community? Let us know in the comments section below!



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