Good LSM: Makeover Marketing

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Don’t you just love a good “before and after” story? Well, we bet your customers (and potential customers) love those makeover stories, too! If your business provides services that can “make-over” a person, pet, or space, why not share those dramatic reveals on your website or social media for your customers to enjoy?

It goes without saying that seeing is believing. Above and beyond word of mouth referrals, photos of your exemplary services are one of the best way to advertise your business! Here are a few great examples that would be easy for you to replicate at your business!

Makeover Marketing

People may have read that your pet boarding facility also offers grooming services, but until they see the results (and happy faces), they may be reticent to try! Sharing photos of all different types of pets will make it more likely that a customer will connect with one of them!

makeover marketing

How about salon services? You never know if someone “out there” is looking for a talented artist to help them makeover their botched at home dye job.

Makeover Marketing


Don’t forget before and afters for landscaping or other lawn services! It’s helpful to show a wide variety of services (in various price ranges) so as not to exclude any customers.

Makeover Marketing


It’s important to remember to ask your customers’ permission to use their makeover photos before posting them anywhere online! If they are happy with their services, they will likely be more than willing to help you find more customers!

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