LSMerriment: Tis the Season to Give (and Receive)

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For the month of December, we’re celebrating “25 Days of LSMerriment.” In other words, we’re sharing 25 great holiday local store marketing ideas to inspire you this season and help drive sales!

Today, we’re sharing a great idea from District of Pi Pizzeria in Washington, D.C. They’re highlighting the season of giving – and receiving – by providing incentives for their customers to buy gift cards.Pi_Pizza

This time of year, gift cards are the perfect stocking stuffer. Not only do they allow the recipient to get what they want (when they want it), they also encourage new customers to give you a try, since they’re not “paying.” By incentivizing the sale of gift cards this holiday season, you can increase traffic and trial in the new year. Plus, it’s a great way to say thank you to the customers that are giving the gift of your business to their friends and family.

This type of incentive program would work well for any business – restaurant, retailer, spa or specialty goods store.

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