LSMerriment: Popcorn, Punch & Pine!

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For the month of December, we’re celebrating “25 Days of LSMerriment.” In other words, we’re sharing 25 great holiday local store marketing ideas to inspire you this season and help drive sales!

Today, we’re sharing an idea from Merrifield Garden Center in Northern Virginia. Like most garden centers in December, they’re stocked with Christmas trees. Once you select your tree, they trim it, wrap it, and bring it to the front of the store for curbside pick up.


But unlike most garden centers in Decembers, they had a few extra treats on hand to help customers celebrate the holiday season.


Treats as simple as freshly popped popcorn, chilled punch and cookies are inexpensive and appeal to adults and children alike – everyone we saw had something yummy in their hands! What a great way to make your customers feel more welcome. You could also serve hot cider or other local goodies, if you so wished!



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