LSMerriment: Fast and Casual Romance

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We’re talking about food here, folks. Specifically, food in the fast-casual segment for the next article in our LSMerriment series for Valentine’s Day. Check out our previous posts on wine shops, retail, and spas!

When you think of a Valentine’s Day date, you might think of white tablecloths and fine wine. But a few of our favorite fast casual restaurants are stepping up their Valentine’s Day game. Check them out below!

Champagne Donut

Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken in Washington, D.C. serves up just what their name implies. Really good fried chicken and really good doughnuts. But for Valentine’s Day, they’re offering their customers special flavors to bring to their office or home to their loved ones: Vanilla with Rose, Chocolate Strawberry, and Champagne. See, Valentine’s Day treats don’t have to be fancy – we’ll take one of each please!


Would you kiss a stranger for a free entree at Qdoba? Well, this Valentine’s Day, the Mexican chain is asking you to do just that in their “Queso for a Kiss” promotion (Stranger kissing: optional). Just share a kiss with a significant other, friend or family member (or willing stranger) and you’ll receive a free entree with the purchase of any Queso entree. Participation in the Valentine’s Day promotion is simple and no coupon is required—just a willing partner and a little bit of love! How fun!

White Castle

Pull out the ol’ tuxedo and ball gown, because cult favorite White Castle rolls out the red carpet on Valentine’s Day! In previous years, on February 14, multiple locations take reservations, offer table service, and invite guests to try new menu items. Did we mention that each table has a tablecloth, candle and flowers? The juxtaposition of greasy sliders and fries with fine dining is marketing perfection!


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