Good LSM: Cocktail Competition

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By now, we’re all pretty familiar with Restaurant Weeks. By offering 3-course lunch or dinner for a set price, restaurants are able to open their doors (literally and figuratively) to a new segment of customers twice a year. Participation can be a way to increase sales and drive traffic.

But what about Cocktail Week? A relatively new marketing opportunity, Cocktail Weeks are popping up all over the world as a way to celebrate the cocktail culture of a a specific city. Events can include cocktail seminars, limited-edition cocktails on restaurant or bar menus or launches of a new brand of spirits.

While traveling in London last month, I saw this sign at Old Mary’s Cocktail Bar in Hyde Park. In anticipating of London Cocktail Week (taking place October 5-11), the restaurant announced a customer competition:

What a great way to invite your customers to become a part of the celebration, as opposed to just a bystander! Not only will Old Mary’s customers feel engaged and important, but the bar is likely to see a boost in sales/traffic from this type of competition – who wouldn’t want to taste the cocktail that their friend dreamt up? Not to mention – the bar get a few great new recipes to add to their menu. We also love that the prize is an invitation to spend more time (and gain more knowledge) at Old Mary’s.

This locally relevant type of competition could be easily modified for any bar, restaurant or bakery. And it doesn’t have to be tied to a specific week, but could be tied to a change in season, special event in the community or a holiday.

Have you ever hosted a customer competition?

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