Good LSM: Anniversary Party

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Hosting an anniversary or birthday party for your business is a great way to celebrate the launch of a new product or service, celebrate with (and thank) your customers and bring your community together. They often drive traffic and/or trial, and create loyal, engaged customers. That said, we love this twist on the traditional anniversary party:

Anniversary Celebration

Instead of celebrating their business anniversary, The Happy Cook in Charlottesville, Va. is celebrating the anniversary of one of their products, Le Creuset! By partnering with the company, they’re holding an all day 90th Anniversary party featuring exclusive Le Creuset pieces! From the Le Creuset website:

As a tribute to this milestone the company will introduce a limited-edition 90th Anniversary Original Cocotte – a specially-designed replica of the very first French oven, or cocotte, Le Creuset produced. Only 1,925 of these cast iron pieces have been made in honor of the company’s founding.

How fun! Plus, The Happy Cook is adding to the fan fare by offering their customers free French cooking classes (regularly priced at $60+ per person), wine and hors-d’oeuvres and other special goodies!

Here’s why this idea works:

  • Exclusivity: Customers must sign up to attend, and the “cocottes” are available in limited quantities.
  • Theme: The French food/wine theme is a natural fit for both Le Creuset and The Happy Cook.
  • Opportunity for Demonstration: The Happy Cook can show off products (for wine and food service and preparation) and let customer have a free “preview” of what it’s like to attend their cooking classes.
  • Partnership: By partnering with Le Creuset, The Happy Cook will draw in fans of the cookware brand and expand their customer base.

All of these factors combined make The Happy Cook a September 3rd destination for food and wine lovers in Charlottesville! How can you make this type of anniversary event work for your small business?

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