Easy Spring Promotion

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At an esthetician’s office – located in a historic building in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia – always has the best holiday decorations. They completely re-decorate their small white-washed lobby for each holiday, and it is so festive! For the month of April, they had a spring / Eater motif going on, and upon check-out I noticed this simple promotion:


There were Easter eggs everywhere – I tried to count without being obvious, and put down my best guess.

What a simple promotion! Not only are you building excitement for your clients, but you are increasing the chances that the winner of the contest purchases additional laser hair removal treatments, as one is traditionally not enough for permanent results.

One thing I would have done differently is to ask for clients’ email addresses, to ensure that they were on the newsletter or contact list for the office.

Have you seen any fun / simple promotions for Spring holidays? Share them with us here!

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