Annual Planning: Training Employees on Promotions

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In several articles over the past few weeks, we’ve covered what you want to achieve in 2015, how to get there, and what to include on your marketing calendar for the year. Now, let’s talk about how to train your employees on all the fun promotions and events you’ll be planning for the new year.

It is often the case in small businesses that there isn’t a firm or formal training procedure in place for on-boarding new employees. Employees learn many skills and gain experience on the job, often with the help of both managers and seasoned co-workers. While this can work (and may work for your business), we recommend setting aside time to formally train your employees on new programs – whether it be a direct mail piece, a new product launch or a special event or promotion. Before any of these items “touch” your customers, your employees should know the details, terms and logistics surrounding each and every one.

Whether it’s the new soup of the day or your “Buy One, Get One” Sale, make sure your team…

  • understands what it is,
  • has tried the product, or mastered the point of sale procedure for the promotion, and
  • can explain the new item, promotion or advertisement clearly to others.

As we approach the holidays, these tips are especially relevant. New or seasonal employees need to be up to date on all on-going promotions, new products or upcoming events, and be able to clearly tell your customers about them. You don’t want to inconvenience your customers (or miss an opportunity for a sale) because your employee misunderstands the new promotion or product.

After your employees have been formally trained on what’s new, do a mini-quiz, role play with other employees, and reward correct behavior when you see it. If you’re unsure about an employees ability to convey your message to the customer, have them “shadow” another employee until they feel more comfortable.

We know it might seem like one more thing to add to your “to-do list,” but trust us: having your team knowledgable and confident will ensure success! Good luck!

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