5 Small Things That Can Impact Your Brand in a Big Way

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Did you know that within the first 10 seconds of approaching and walking into your store or restaurant (or visiting your website or social media sites), customers make a quick-fire judgment of your business? And while big ticket items like menu, services or products offered ultimately help them decide whether to patronize your business again, smaller, less noticeable details play a role as well. To help you make the best impression, we’ve outlined 5 factors that shape your customers’ opinions.

Customer Experience Tips


Ever been handed a menu that you know has been around the block? The corners are worn, it may be stained, and it just feels dirty – yuck. Make sure to replace all stained, wrinkled or over-used menus with fresh copies. Also, make sure all the information on the menu is correct and up to date, including wine and beer lists.

customer experience tips

Don’t cross out the beers that are no longer available – just print new menus!


A beautiful and clear website is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to generate leads for your business. This may be the first way a customer “meets” your business so you want to make sure your website reflects the brand and personality of your business, and that it is user-friendly. An amateur or clunky-looking website can be a big turn off. If your website is older, be sure to make your revised version smartphone friendly.


How well-maintained and/or clean your customer bathroom is a big (if subconscious) part of the customer experience. A great bathroom says many things to a guest, whether or not they have a trained eye. It lets them know you that you take hygiene seriously, are willing to go the extra mile for this little space, and have trained your employees to pay attention to detail.  Obviously, the expectations for a clean and welcoming bathroom are higher in a restaurant, bar or café, as the standards used to keep the bathroom clean are likely the same standards that apply in the kitchen.

Point of Sale

The point of sale or register area might be where you store the majority of your “stuff” – paperwork, phone, client and vendor information, samples, printer, mail, etc. It’s easy for the area to get cluttered, especially when you factor in employees’ water bottles, cell phones, coffee cups, etc. Take a moment and walk to the customer side of the register and ask yourself, “Does this look like a well-organized and well-run business?” If not, institute new policies to deal with incoming and outgoing paperwork, and limit employees’ goods (coffees, water, bags) to the back of the store, or stored away in a cabinet out of customers’ sights.

customer experience tips

A clutter-free point of sale makes a great first impression.

Social Media

Your online presence (or lack thereof) says a lot about your commitment to your customers. If you choose to be on certain social media channels, you need to dedicate time to maintaining those channels. Keep your customers informed on what’s happening in your business, respond to customer inquiries or reviews, and interact with other businesses in your community. Having a Facebook page isn’t doing you any favors if you haven’t updated it for over a year. Customers want to know there’s a real person on the other end of your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account.


We hope these tips help you make a great first (or second, or third) impression on your customers.


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